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Slow Sales? 3 Tips To Grow Your Book Sales

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Even in today's digital age, where anyone has access to any book, there are so many authors that it's hard to choose the best book. If you are in an emerging author or just in an over-saturated market, here are three tips to increase your revenue when dealing with slow book sales.

1. Team Up with Book Bloggers

Blogs are popular because people want to connect and learn from others. Bloggers have a large social media influence of followers you do not have. Reach out to them with a free copy of your book and ask them to review it and give their honest opinion. Be it a book review or advertisement, the blogger may have thousands of loyal followers who may purchase your book simply because the blogger asked for their support.

Also, ask that in their review that they offer a giveaway. It does not have to be the book you are promoting. It could be one of your best sellers, and the blogger includes links back to your main author website of which your low sale book is highlighted.

Another provision for your giveaway could include the followers tweeting about your low sale book to their family and friends as well. This gets you maximum exposure for one low investment cost to the book blogger.

2. Share Attractive Photos on Picture-Sharing Social Sites

Many authors are concerned with social media sites that are geared towards professionals or the book forums. However, picture sharing social sites are powerful social media tools to use. These sites are exciting for their users because they are imaged based. Pictures are a thousand words and if your book has excellent graphics that can draw in traffic to your website. You have many options of what to share.

  • Use beautiful or funny pictures and incorporate a small quote from your book and draw traffic back to your website.
  • Share a best seller of yours and lead it back to a book discussion thread you have on your website.
  • Post infographics that highlight interesting facts regarding the subject your book represents.

3. Offer a Bonus

There aren't many people that will turn down a free bonus if it's worth their while. So put together a must-see video series beneficial for your target audience or include an exclusive book available with this purchase only.  

The above three methods will drive more traffic to your site. The more exposure you get, the greater the chances your book sales will increase. For more how to grow your sales tips, contact a professional.