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Four Exciting Homeschool Writing Projects To Make Learning Fun

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Your homeschool writing curriculum, from a place like Classical Academic Press, is a critical part of your child's education, and assigning interesting projects will help your child learn to write fluently and articulately. The following four projects are designed to make writing interesting and fun for your child. 

Draft Some Historical Fiction

This project can be integrated with a unit from your child's history class. Have your child write a fictional story in which he is a character who lives during an important time period and participates in, or witnesses, important events. To deepen your child's understanding of what this experience would have been like, provide your child with non-fiction texts describing the time period. Use educational DVDs or other historical fiction stories set during this time period to support your child in this assignment.

Design a Passing Journal

Give your child a composition book to decorate using stickers, labels or other craft supplies, then have your child write about his or her day and things that he or she is thinking or wondering about. When this is done, collect the composition book and create the next entry yourself, responding to what your child has written. You can share about your day, ask questions or just share things you think your child might find interesting. Then return the journal to your child to write another entry.

Develop a Cookbook of Family Favorites

If your child loves to cook or just help out in the kitchen, have him or her create a cookbook of family favorite recipes. Using a small binder, have your child record the recipes for dishes your family likes to make. Be sure to have your child include reviews of each dish and a description of each recipe, as well as suggestions for appropriate side dishes. For extra fun, have your child draw or photograph each dish to include with the recipe in the book.

Design a Science Story

When you are studying a particular biome or specific place in science, have your child write a story that uses this place as a setting. If you are studying tide pools, for example, perhaps your child will write a story from the perspective on a sea star who lives in the tide pools. If you are studying the moon, your child may write a story about an alien or astronaut who is visiting the moon.

In addition to the learning done in science class, be sure to provide your child with additional non-fiction books, atlases, DVDs and other materials when appropriate to help him or her in making the setting of the story as realistic as possible. Whenever possible, a field trip to this location is also a powerful learning tool.

Using these exciting writing projects will ensure that your child practices and masters important writing skills while having fun at the same time.